Local expertise, Global reach

Sotiria exists to support those physical and cyber security vendors looking to establish their corporate profile, products or services locally and/or internationally.  With physical and cyber crime continuing to fuel security market growth at an exponential rate, it’s now the fastest growing and most competitive of industries for security enablers.

That’s where Sotiria comes into play. As an association of expert PR and marketers with deep insight and understanding of security issues… news agendas… government legislations and directives… each territory specific, we can ensure you cut through the noise to separate your message from the medium.

The Sotiria Advantage

Clients benefit from:

  • In-depth local security knowledge
  • Global security campaigns managed centrally, executed locally
  • Established, exclusive partners in each territory, all experts in security
  • Close relationship and honest communication between agencies
    => Productive, transparent international solution for clients
  • More flexible, personal alternative to generic PR networks
    => Fully customised services and reporting structures
  • Each Sotiria agency has a heritage and successful proven track record of representing security organisations
  • It’s taken as a given that we have close relations with the security media and analysts but equally, we all have vertical sector expertise and support our security clients to transcend their message to build awareness and reputation within:
    • Healthcare
    • Retail
    • Financial Services
    • Transportation
    • Law Enforcement and Defence
    • Legal
    • Transportation
    • Aviation
    • Maritime
    • Smart City

Who uses Sotiria?

  • Security companies looking to develop a communications strategy to market products/services locally and globally
  • Security vendors operating in one or more countries
  • Security vendors looking to expand into other geographic and vertical markets

“We all know that it’s near impossible to keep pace with the dramatic rise of both physical and cyber security breaches and attacks, they’re epidemic.  Fortunately, irrespective of geography, security is now becoming a priority on every CIO’s agenda as organisations look to invest in and integrate innovative security solutions and services into their corporate infrastructures to protect personal data, intellectual property, physical inventory and financial assets.

And wherever your target market, every country, region and even city has a different set of influencers with a different set of needs. By partnering with Sotiria we will ensure that each comms programme is tailored to individual and local nuances; developed with a strategy to educate, raise awareness, change behaviours and build a reputation.”

Geraldine Fernandez, Practice Leader, Say Communications and Founder of Sotiria.