Sotiria Security Comms is a worldwide group of full-service PR/comms agencies with a mandate to provide both cyber and physical security organisations with specialist security communications consultancy services.

Whether you are an organisation looking to enter a new geographic territory, launch an international comms programme or want to break into a new vertical sector – Sotiria is skilled up to hit the ground running. Understanding the security sectors on a regional basis there is no learning curve. We are an agile network that can scale up or down as required working on a project or retained basis.

“Global Strategy Implementation Through Local Security Communications Experts”

But why the name Sotiria? In Greek mythology, Sotiria was the goddess of safety and salvation, deliverance, and preservation from harm – so naturally, we thought a very apt name for a specialist group of security communications agencies.

And to live up to this name we are all united by one common denominator – our depth and breadth of expertise and experience within IT security, physical and cyber security and we share the same business ethos and vision of what constitutes effective communications.

With a presence already in 15 countries, the network is gathering momentum on a daily basis…

UK | Benelux | Nordics | France | Germany | Spain | Poland | Russia | US | Brazil | Latin America

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